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  • Zero in on

    Home > 100 phrasal verbs> Zero in on Description Phrasal verb: Zero in on Spanish translation: enfocarse, poner atención plena en algo, concentrarse, discernir Definition: to move toward a target, to focus. The target can be a problem that you give your complete attention to. Used in sentences: 1. The president needs to zero in […]

  • Write down

    Home > 100 phrasal verbs> Write down Description Phrasal verb: Write down Spanish translation: 1. apuntar, anotar, escribir, 2. bajar el precio o el valor Definition: 1. Take note, 2. lower the value or price Used in sentences: 1. Write down everything the customer says. 2. Did you write down how much we spent? 3. […]

  • Wrap up

    Home > 100 phrasal verbs> Wrap up Description Phrasal verb: Wrap up Spanish translation: terminar, concluir, finalizar, se acabó Definition: When we wrap up a job or a project, or some type of agreement, it means we have finished it, completed it, including finalizing the last details. Used in sentences: 1. We really need to […]

  • Work out

    Home > 100 phrasal verbs> Work out Description Phrasal verb: Work out Spanish translation: encontrar una solución, calcular un resultado, lograr el éxito resolviendo un problema, lograr una comprensión del problema Definition: 1. To work something out is to find a solution to a problem, or 2. when you calculate a result, like a math […]

  • Work on

    Home > 100 phrasal verbs> Work on Description Phrasal verb: Work on Spanish translation: Trabajar sobre un proyecto, 2. Trabajar sobre alguien, influenciar, afectar Definition: To spend time on a project, producing something or improving it.  Used in sentences: 1. He’ll have to work on getting fit before the game. 2. Hey, were you able […]

  • Wind up/Wound up

    Home > 100 phrasal verbs> Wind up/Wound up Description Phrasal verb: Wind up/Wound up Spanish translation: 1. dar por terminado, 2. llegar a un lugar sin esperarlo, 3. estar muy tenso, nervioso Definition: 1. To conclude something, to end it, 2. to find yourself somewhere or at the end of an action or experience, where […]

  • Weigh up

    Home > 100 phrasal verbs> Weigh up Description Phrasal verb: Weigh up Spanish translation: sopesar, evaluar, considerar Definition: to consider the pros and cons Used in sentences: 1. We need to weigh up the benefits of hiring a new manager for this area. 2. The Board will weigh up whether it should continue to follow […]

  • Turn down

    Home > 100 phrasal verbs> Turn down Description Phrasal verb: Turn down Spanish translation: 1. Rechazar, negar, 2. bajar, disminuir Definition: To refuse the request or offer of a person, 2. to reduce the volume or heat of a device, 3. to decrease a level. Used in sentences: 1. We turned down the offer made […]

  • Think through

    Home > 100 phrasal verbs> Think through Description Phrasal verb: Think through Spanish translation: considerar a detalle, reflexionar, ponderar Definition: To consider a situation carefully, to think about the different possibilities and consequences. Used in sentences: 1. We need to think through this five-year strategy carefully after we get feedback from the team members. 2. […]

  • Take up

    Home > 100 phrasal verbs> Take up Description Phrasal verb: Take up Spanish translation: 1. Emprender, empezar una actividad o seguir un interés, 2. considerar, 3.asumir la responsabilidad Definition: 1. To start something new, like a project or hobby, 2. to consider or talk about something with someone, 3. to assume responsibility for something Used […]

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