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The Word Gourmet

I’m Jackie and I help Spanish-speaking professionals who are preparing for the next phase of their professional development in a global environment.

I created The Word Gourmet because I see many people struggling with their confidence and with doubts about speaking in public with global colleagues and carrying out powerful presentations. I’m also passionate about the English language and how to speak powerfully. I want to share the experience I’ve gained teaching English to people like you for over 25 years; people transforming their lives.

This space offers quick tips and lessons to inspire you. Once you are ready for a coach, you can contact me easily and some private coaching to understand your strengths and overcome you own specific challenges.

My goal is to help you express yourself freely, comfortably, clearly, and more concisely, no matter what your profession.

It’s about gaining the confidence to be able to motivate and inspire others and get your message across to others, clearly.

What you’ll find here:

FREE RESOURCES (videos and podcasts) offering tips and brief lessons to boost your English. (No membership necessary).

MEMBERSHIP RESOURCES, starting with 100 Phrasal Verbs.

COACHING ACCESS with me to prepare you for that next interview or presentation or longer term coaching in Business English.

There’s something for everyone, so feel free to get to know The Word Gourmet, the place dedicated to helping you become a better communicator in English!

Until we meet!


HELP! I have an interview and I need to prepare!


A few months ago, I had to prepare a conference in English on a rather specific and complex subject, so I asked Jackie for help. In personalized ––and entertaining!–– sessions, in a very pleasant environment, she helped me with the translation of my presentation into English, and coached my delivery and pronunciation so I could give a professional performance. It goes without saying that the presentation was a complete success. Thank you Jackie!!!

— S.del P.

In these FREE quick tip videos, you can learn about common grammar mistakes, practice pronunciation and learn about culture. Check them out!

Enjoy FREE podcasts with text to practice English while you learn stories about Canada and other cultural experiences. Learn vocabulary, expressions and practice your pronunciation. Practice in 5 minutes!

Do you need an English coach?


If you are a native Spanish speaker who wants to grow professionally across cultures, you’ve come to the right place.

I am really happy to off your a FREE 30-minute session so I can assess your English, and we can get to know each other and talk about a personalized strategy.  Just send me a message. There is no obligation. It’s important that we are the perfect fit. I’m 100% committed and I want you to be, too!  

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