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Phrasal verb: Wind up/Wound up

Spanish translation: 1. dar por terminado, 2. llegar a un lugar sin esperarlo, 3. estar muy tenso, nervioso

Definition: 1. To conclude something, to end it, 2. to find yourself somewhere or at the end of an action or experience, where you did not plan to be, perhaps not happily, 3. to become very tense, nervous (used in the past tense)

Used in sentences:

1. Let’s wind up this meeting.

2. We wound up at the same place we start on our hike.

3. I never thought I would wind up so unhappy in this position.

4. He is really wound up after that difficult meeting.

Related words or phrases: 1) end, conclude, finish, 2. arrive unexpectedly, 3. tense, anxious, worked up, upset, uptight, worried

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