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Phrasal verb: Hold out (on)

Spanish translation: 1. esperar, aguantar, 2. guardar información, 3. resistir

Definition: When you hold out for something, that means you are waiting for something better to come along, 2. it may also mean you have something you don’t want to share with others, such as when you “hold out on” someone, you avoid telling them something, 3.  It can also mean that you may be resisting something that is trying to fight you.

Used in sentences:

1. I’m going to hold out on buying a new car until prices go down.

2. I don’t understand why she held out on me about her plans to go live in Portugal.

3. We held out in the meeting until the other team agreed to share their information.

Related words or phrases: refrain, stop, not move forward / refused to inform, share / resisted

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