Become a Better Meeting Facilitator in English

Hello! I was wondering, do you find it hard to #facilitate #meetings in English?

And every time you try to do something about it, you either get stuck or can’t even get started.

Don’t worry! You are not alone.

I helped to facilitate meetings in Spanish for several years, so when I had to go to meetings in the US, it was quite a new challenge!

The meeting #culture, the #business vocabulary. It was so different!

So, I did what you are probably doing. I observed. I listened. I wrote down the vocabulary the participants were using. I tried to model the #facilitators who did a fabulous job. (I was lucky to work with the best!)

Eventually I caught on and was able to gain the #confidence I needed to participate more and even facilitate or lead some meetings.

Believe in yourself, and you can do it too!

Send me a message and let me know:
What do you find MOST DIFFICULT about participating or leading meetings in English or with international colleagues?

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