Are You An Advanced English Learner?

Then… You are now officially a WORD and EXPRESSION DETECTIVE!

This is what I tell my advanced English students.

You worked hard (maybe years!) to get the basics of English.
Then you spent more time on getting over the intermediate hurdle.
Now you have great conversation English, but feel that you still don’t have a complete grasp of synonyms and more advanced English skills to express yourself the way you want in different situations. 

So, what do you do?

You go into DETECTIVE MODE! 

You pay attention to what people are saying and how they are saying it. Jot it down! Now use it!

You discover new words in articles and videos. Jot them down! Now use them!

Someone says something you don’t quite understand, because they used an unusual phrase. You ask them to explain it! Then practice some sentences with it and MAKE IT YOURS!

What you don’t do is passively listen and let them go by.

These are your OPPORTUNITIES to expand your English! 

You want to get off that plateau? Then put on your detective cap, and start having some fun with English again!

Who’s up for sharing an unusual but effective expression or word that we can all use?

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